That Fucking Tank was formed in 2004 by childhood friends Andy Abbott and James Islip for a one-off performance, we can only assume that the performance in question must have been quite decent, as since then they have gone on to become one of the country's most hard hitting and exciting duos since PJ and Duncan.

The Bradford boys aren't far short of revolutionary when it comes to making music. Andy plays a specially tuned baritone guitar through both guitar and bass amplifiers, and James plays a minimal drum kit, making more use of steady and impressive beats rather than self indulgent drum solos left right and centre. Their novel name, energetic performances and manish volume has seen them play all over Europe and the UK with brain-mangling regularity, sharing stages and tours with bands including Kid Commando, Neptune and Whitehouse.

Not long after the band's formation came their first releases; Document of the First Set e.p in 2004 and Day of Death by Bono Adrenalin Shock in 2006, both released by Jealous Records. Relentless touring, emigration from Leeds and growing responsibilities outside of music saw the duo playing gigs at a more regular pace in 2007. In 2008 That Fucking Tank fulfilled a teenage fantasy by playing on a bill with Metallica at Leeds and Reading Festivals.

2009's Tanknology album (Gringo Records) received smatterings of positive mainstream press attention and formed the spine of the duo's live sets for the next two years. In 2011, Tank returned to the studio to write and record new tracks that became their third album TFT. Described by the band as an autobiographical concept album about the music journey the pair have embarked on over the last 20 years, TFT was released officially by Gringo Records on March 12th, 2012.

With only two members in the band, the stage leaves much room for movement and expression, but no room at all for improvement, as these boys are the real deal.