To be a musical duo, you have to be good. Simon and Garfunkel, The Everly Brothers, Robson and Jerome (maybe not that one). As for Algiers, they may not yet have sold as many records as Simon and Garfunkel, but they aren't far away from setting the bar for how good a modern day duo should be, as this is a band with talent coming out of their ears.

The lads haven't been on the scene too long, their debut EP Four Priests only being released in October last year, but despite their recent arrival, they have went on to play shows up and down the country, including a prestigious support slot for Sunderland's own Field Music at the beautiful Georgian Theatre in Stockton.

What makes Algiers such a unique rock duo, is that they aren't set out solely to make as much noise as humanly possible. Their lyrical expression and musical flow, coupled with the harmonies of two vocalists who actually work perfectly together, make the pair very attractive to a listener of many a taste. For those reasons, Split Festival are proud to boast that such a fantastic prospect are playing the Fringe Tent this year.