Another band who haven't been around for too long, yet are already reaching dizzy heights; Citizens! Are a band with ambition, style, grace, and most importantly a great sound. Already touring Europe and America, and with an extensive fan base, it seems that Citizens! have stumbled upon a winning formula, and are doing all that it takes to take advantage of that.

Sounding halfway between The Pet Shop Boys and The Human League, with an inherently modern edge, which could be likened to the disco-esque vibes of Hot Chip, but still with all the energy and unpredictability of a modern indie outfit such as The Vaccines, Citizens! have a knack of combining simple melodies with tragic, self-deprecating lyrics, creating an aura around the group which is reminiscent of an early post-punk band, whilst still maintaining the flamboyance of an 80s new wave outfit.

Their debut album Here We Are was released in May this year, to an overwhelmingly positive response, prompting NME to label the band 'The second hottest band in the world right now'. The album itself was produced by Sunderland man Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) who's influence can clearly be heard in some tracks, the band going on record saying that his help was invaluable (in a good way).

It appears that the sky is the limit for this London lot, not in the Main Tent though obviously, being a tent, it does have a roof. Sorry about that.