Hailing from glorious Tyne & Wear, the charming The Cornshed Sisters will set the tone perfectly for, what will hopefully be, a sunny Saturday afternoon at Split Festival, combining, as they do, a wonderful blend of influences ranging from guitar pop to folk tales, protest songs to country music and piano ballads to gospel singing.

Drawing on a palette of vocals, assorted guitars, ukulele and piano they convey their song craft with sensitivity and humour. Their four distinctive yet sympathetic voices range far and wide, recalling the emotive tangles of the band as often as the choral elegance of The Roches yet sung and arranged in their own distinctly English manner.

They are Cath, Liz, Jennie and Marie and while they may not be bonded by blood, their musical ties are thicker than a pint of Double Maxim. Together they released their debut album, Tell Tales, earlier this year, on which they did exactly that. The delightful recent single Dance At My Wedding has justifiably seen the sisters receive some well deserved radio play, which may well mean you’ll see their name popping up on some major festival line ups this summer. 

Come along to the Fringe Tent at Split Festival and bathe in a selection of gloriously charming tales of water babies, beekeeping, marriage, soothsayers, men in sequined suits, making pies out of people and the axis of love and bombs. Oh and some unusual stuff too.