Good things usually come in threes, and considering that this band has six members, they must be double good. Folks are the latest alternative outfit to come out of the North-West and despite their short time as a band, have graced the pages of many a music magazine, received extensive coverage on BBC Radio and are playing regular shows as if they've been around for years.

Bringing together classic song writing with emotive vocals and irresistible melodies, Folks were formed when guitarist and writer Michael Beasley hooked up with vocalist Scott Anderson. The duo subsequently pulled together a full band with Thom Fripp, lead guitar, Harry Gumery, bass, Wil Akroyd, keyboards and Elliot Barlow, drums. The group kept themselves busy in an out of the way rehearsal studio, letting their tunes evolve before taking their music to the people.

If you want to see a band who have fans in high places, look no further, as this group have apparently captured the heart of one of Britain's most popular artists. You know you're good when Noel Gallagher likes you. So much in fact that Noel asked the fellow Manchester men to support him on a number of dates with his new project Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, it doesn't get much cushier than that does it?

Folks have been described as Manchester's best kept secret, choosing not to document every step the band takes, and instead wait for the end product, in an effort to take the world by storm. Split Festival could well play an integral part in Folks' development into the established band which they are widely expected to become.