Another gem on the Tunstall Tent's crown, for we have the hottest thing to come out of Wales' blowhole since Katherine Jenkins. Future of the Left are the epitome of Noise Rock; they like to play their instruments, they like to play them loud and quite appropriately singing is not a sufficient form of expression for their front man Andy Falkous, for he feels to get his point across, he must personally shout every word of it.

Originally a trio formed out of the ashes of exhausted music projects 'Jarcrew' and 'McLusky', a recent member shuffle means that Future of the Left are settled on a roster of four musicians. With this sturdier unit, and two previous bursts of violent sarcasm in record Curses! and Travels With Myself and Another, the band have wrestled with even more savage riffs and stabbing keyboards for The Plot Against Common Sense, their third album. They released the EP Polymers Are Forever on Xtra Mile, their first release after being released from former label 4AD.

What sets Future of the Left apart from many Noise Rock bands though, is the level cynicism and wit contained within their lyrics. One of their most recognisable singles Sheena is a T-shirt Salesman is quite clearly a nod to the Ramones track 'Sheena is a Punk Rocker' and speaks out against establishment and bands 'selling out'. Another track likens Billy Corgan from the band Smashing Pumpkins to Lord Voldemort. The list goes on.

Whether cutting you down with scarring remarks at a live show, or filling the studio with lung blood and instrument abuse, Future of the Left are vital, not to be missed or to be ignored.