These days, Sunderland without The Futureheads is like Laurel without Hardy, Miss Piggy without her Kermit or Simon sans Garfunkel. Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. The Futureheads have come to represent Sunderland on many levels in recent years, and proudly too. So it’s with great pleasure that we welcome the return of The Heads to Split Festival in 2012.

Since making their live debut at the home of Split Festival over 10 years ago, The Futureheads have released five albums (three on their own label), set up their own record label and even had a big hand in organising this very festival. Hard working lads these lot.
Most recently, The Futureheads ditched their trademark frantic and fast paced sound for something a little bit more relaxed and a little bit more risky. Earlier this year, the band released Rant, an album containing 11 tracks of a-cappella goodness. When you think of a-capella music, the chances are that the first thing that probably springs to mind is Bobby McFerrin. Bobby McFerrin dancing about in a living room with Robin Williams and Steve Martin, telling you not to worry and to be happy. The chances are, when they were putting together this album, The Futureheads weren't thinking of Bobby McFerrin.

Mixing slightly altered versions of Futureheads classics with some unusual covers, including a included a sweet version of Sparks' Number One Song In Heaven, which may well come perilously close to being the greatest thing they've ever done, The Futureheads proved there is more to them than your average band. The four piece recently took the album on the road where they wowed audiences across the country with what was an rousing show full of singing, a bit of mad dancing (mainly from Barry), jokes and joy.

So, we know you’ll be at Split this year, the question, is which version of The Futureheads will turn up? Either way, you know you’re in for one special show. Don’t worry, be happy.