Pulled Apart By Horses. Pulled apart by manic aggressive, amp/face melting rock more like, AMIRIGHT? I don’t know. I have no idea what I’m talking about. What I do know, however, is that Pull Apart By Horses make a right royal racket and they are going to take Split Festival 2012 by storm.

DFormed out of the ashes of lead singer Tom Hudson's old band Mother Vulpine (in which he played bass), back in 2008, PABH began rehearsing above 'The Packhorse' pub in Leeds which was also where they performed their first secret show, to a full house of attendees who had been invited by text message, on 12th of February 2008. After a slot at Manfest 2008 alongside band friends, and fellow Split Festival playees, That Fucking Tank, they soon began to get good press, gig offers and a quickly growing fan base. They also began to be known for their very frantic live performances during which band members have been known to be injured. On 17 May 2008, when headlining Nastyfest IX in Leeds to a packed audience, a chaotic and injury stricken performance took place leading to guitarist James Brown being sent to hospital with a gash to the head.

In October 2008, the band's debut single, 'Meat Balloon', was released via Big Scary Monsters Recording Company. It debuted at #18 on the UK Indie Singles chart. In January 2009 PABH released their single "I Punched A Lion In The Throat" on 7", with b-side "The Crapsons". The song was also made available as a free download on the bands official website. Soon after that the band released the 'Tour Traxx EP'. On 21 March, Transgressive Records announced the release of a strictly limited 12" vinyl release titled 'Live At Leeds' to be released on Record Store Day 17 April in the UK. The 'Live at Leeds' album is available to download from the band's official website. Their eponymous debut album was released on 21 June 2010, and shortly afterwards they were invited to join rock heavyweights like Muse and Biffy Clyro on tour. High praise, indeed.

With a new album, Tough Love, released earlier this year and a dedicated army of followers, Pulled Apart By Horses Split performance is sure to be a little bit special. Their music is a combination of heavy riff based guitar work infused with disco licks and pounding drum rhythms and they’re going to rock your Split.