Kyla La Grange could quite easily be pigeon-holed in modern music. She is a female solo artist, has a rather quirky look about her, and has a cult fan base. What's excellent about Kyla La Grange though is that she is not a Florence copy, she is not that at all. Often described as the 'Watford Witch', Kyla has something a lot more mystical and tragic about her. Yes, she has the face of an Angel, but the voice of something a lot more sinister, and lyrics to accompany that.

Part South-African, part Zimbabwean, Kyla grew up on a council estate in South Oxhey where she believes she had her first encounter with isolation and fear, traits which she uses only in her favour to produce the soulful music she is renowned for. She isn't just a pretty face either, with a degree in Philosophy credited to none other than Cambridge University (ever heard of it? It's in Cambridge) on her CV, it's quite clear to see where her lyrical sophistication and eclectic lexicon are attributable to.

Kyla La Grange's debut album Ashes was released in July 2012, and was preceded by her newest single, Walk Through Walls. The LP features Kyla’s recent single, Vampire Smile, alongside previous release Been Better, and Heavy Stone. With critics raving over this beauty, the album is expected to be met with much critical and commercial success, and if her recent singles are anything to go on, the recognition will be well deserved.

With Kyla playing the Main Stage this year, be prepared to have tingles up your spine, in both good ways and bad, as this songstress may come across like butter wouldn't melt, but in actual fact, said butter would not only melt, it would condense.