Any punk rockers out there? If so, we have a treat for you in the form of Newcastle based five piece Pure Graft. The band have years of experience behind them, playing shows overseas in some of punk's finest showcases, as well as in some of England's grubbiest and intimate settings, a recipe for something brilliant in the form of the fast paced, intense live shows that the band are renowned for, not to mention producing a sound one can only appreciate whether a fan of the genre or not.

Pure Graft will take all of your pre-conceptions of how of a punk rock band should sound like, should look like, and should act like, and deliver on every single one of them. That's not to say Pure Graft are ordinary though, far from it, and judging by their cult fan base it is no secret that the band have such a prestigious reputation on the underground scene.

Their sound has been likened to one of an American hardcore punk band, boasting all the energy and anarchy from bands such as Bad Brains and Black Flag but the melody and musical sophistication from late 90s bands such as Reel Big Fish and Rancid.

Expect things loud, expect beer, expect tattoos and considering that the band's bearded and burly lead singer once performed a gig in a sparkling white wedding dress, expect a spectacle as well as a bloody good performance.