When you arrive at Split Festival first thing on Saturday afternoon, you will be welcomed by The Greeting Committee. Don’t worry, this isn’t a group of strangers offering you hugs and handshakes, but instead a Newcastle-based alternative indie outfit. Formed in 2011, and taking their musical cues from delta blues, surf rock, shoegaze and the expansive sounds of Phil Spector, The Greeting Committee have already crafted an audacious stock of spellbinding tunes that places them as one of the region’s most exciting and abrasive emerging acts.

The group's debut single Show Me The Lights Of Home was released on 25 June 2012 on End Of The Snail Records and the band completed their first UK headlining tour earlier that month. Co-produced with Little Comets' Matt Hall, The Greeting Committee's rollicking single effortlessly recalls the fuzz-soaked narcotic output of artists including The Byrds, early Verve, The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spiritualized, and is undoubtedly set to become an anthem among the group's rapidly growing fanbase.

They've also managed to draw early praise from such Rock 'n' Roll luminaries including Creation Records' chief Alan McGee, Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh and the award winning music journalist John Robb - who recently started a Twitter debate about the band's significance within modern music. 

Following the release of their debut single, the band completed their first UK headlining tour earlier that month. The band will follow up their debut release with an October single and a UK tour. The Greeting Committee are expected to release their eagerly anticipated debut album in 2013. 

Mixing up sun-dappled melodies, scabrous passages of drone and feedback, and mutant blues with blasé abandon, The Greeting Committee's ambition is surely as big as their riffs. It is also reported that the band's keyboard player Steven Wood requires no sleep whatsoever and has led an unstable but happy life on a diet consisting only of vodka, energy drinks and steak bakes.