At the forefront of showcasing new and local talent, Split Festival is proud to announce the presence of Tomahawks for Targets in the line up this year.

Formed as recently as March 2010, Tomahawks For Targets are comprised of James Haselhurst on guitar and vocals, Dave Baron on drums, Phil Haselhurst on keys/guitar/vocals and Ross Harley on bass. The Newcastle based outfit have achieved an astonishing amount in such a short space of time, and released their first EP, More of the Savage, in April of this year.

Singer James Haselhurst had this to say about the band's progress, "We’d put together a few demos and really just formed the band to have a shot at playing them live, which isn’t a doddle as they’re all pretty complex tracks. We’ve always stuck with the ethos that we try to push a song as far as it will go in recorded form and then figure out how we’re going to do it live later.”

The band's progressive approach to songwriting is reflected in what they see as their versatility, as James comments. "We like to make sure none of our songs sound too similar, pretty much because we get bored very easily and we like to be as varied as possible."